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Healing Aura Portrait Session

I am very happy to reveal to you a first of its kind: the IN-VISIBLE portraits, where I surrender to the art of channeling auras and give light to what is and what was there all along in our energy field. 

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Elodie will spend on average 1hour with you. The first part will be dedicated to her connection with you through intuitive healing, sound healing & automatic writing. She will create a relaxing and safe environment so you can feel at ease, and open yourself.

During the second part of the session, you will be able to experience what it means to trust yourself and the process of creation. Your mind will quiet, your heart and physical body, will find a moment of rest while Elodie does the portrait. A greater sensibility will emerge from the silence.

Elodie will open herself to a moment of deep surrender. In a moment like this, she becomes creation itself and you can witness the creative force creating. And in this moment of great trust and surrender, you will both notice the great potential and the great power of life itself. She will share with you what she is feeling in the moment, what is happening in her heart, the visions she will receive, the words she will see appearing in her mind's eye. Her ability to communicate what she will feel will make this experience very authentic. 


 You will receive in the moment what is right for you, what will resonate and touch your heart deeply.

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